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08:40 h

Registration Pre-Conference Workshop


08:40 h - 11:40 h

Pre-Conference Workshop

Practical applications: 
Symptom validation with the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory 2 (MMPI-2 / MMPI-2-RF)

Robbi Brockhaus (D)

11:40 h

Registration Conference

12:00 h


13:00 h

Opening Conference

13:20 h

Keynote lecture 

Feigned Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Gerald Young (CA)

Symposium 1

New instruments in symptom validity testing

Chair: Vicki Hall (GB)

14:20 hAndrea Diebel (D)
Battery of Health Improvement-2 as a measure of symptom validity
14:40 hBruno Fimm (D), Robbi Brockhaus (D)
Assessment of performance validity using the Test of Attentional Performance (TAP)
15:00 hDonald Viglione (USA), Luciano Giromini (I), & Patricia Landis (USA)
Introducing the Inventory of Problems (IOP): a multi-purpose test of malingering
15:20 h
Irena Boskovic (NL), Glynis Bogaard (NL), Harald Merckelbach (NL),
Aldert Vrij (GB), & Lorraine Hope (GB)
The Verifiability Approach to detection of malingered physical symptoms

15:40 h 

Break and Posterviewing

16:00 h

Keynote lecture 

Evidence-based evaluation of symptom reports:
Implications from basic and applied memory research

Siegfried L. Sporer (D)

17:00 h



Chair: Ben Schmand (NL)

17:30 h

Keynote lecture 

Logical paradoxes and paradoxical constellations in forensic psychological evaluations 

Thomas Merten (D)

18:15 h

Welcome Reception


08:40 h

Keynote lecture

Malingered Pain-Related Disability

Kevin J. Bianchini (USA)

Symposium 2

Scientific and forensic aspects of symptom validity assessment

Chair: Ben Schmand (NL)

09:40 hRobbi Brockhaus (D)
Testing the limits: the Word Memory Test in subjects with dementia and psychiatric disorders
10:00 hBrechje Dandachi-FitzGerald (NL)
Symptom Validity Testing:  False positive classification of non-credible performance is rare in patients withearly stage neurodegeneritive diseases 
10:20 hJeroen Roor (NL)
Feedback on performance validity test failure in patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: The impact on subsequent neuropsychological test performance and treatment outcome.

10:40 h

Break and Posterviewing

Symposium 3

Role of psychologists in independent medical examinations (IME)

Chair: Thomas Merten (D)

Language: German

11:10 hMark Graf (CH)
Psychiatrisch/psychologische Interdisziplinarität in der strafrechtlichen Begutachtung in der Schweiz
11:30 hBernd Borchard (CH)
Forensisch-Psychologische Gutachter im Strafverfahren
11:50 hGerhard Ebner (CH)
Die leitlinienkonforme Beurteilung von Konsistenz und Plausibilität präsentierter Beschwerden und Leistungsfähigkeit im Rahmen stationärer versicherungsmedizinischer Begutachtungen
12:10 hRalf Dohrenbusch (D)
Ist die Begutachtung biopsychosozialer Krankheitsfolgen und Funktionseinschränkungen ohne psychologische Expertise möglich?

12:30 hDiscussion

13:00 h

Lunch and Posterviewing

14:00 h

Keynote lecture

Dissociative Symptoms and Malingering

Harald Merckelbach (NL)

Symposium 4 – Part I

Cross-cultural aspects of symptom validity assessment

Chair: Harald Merckelbach (NL)

15:00 hAndrea M. Plohmann (CH)
Prevalence of poor effort and malingered neurocognitive dysfunction in litigating patients in Switzerland
15:30 hCanan Akdas (D/TR)
Self-deception or deception of others- PVA in a Turkish sample
15:50 hAna Havelka Mestrovic (Croatia)
Chronic pain syndromes and secondary gain after car vehicle accidents

16:10 h

Break and Posterviewing

Symposium 4 – Part II

Cross-cultural aspects of symptom validity assessment

Chair: Harald Merckelbach (NL)

16:40 hVicki Hall (UK)
Psycho-legal assessment of chronic pain and symptom validity: a UK perspective
17:00 hLuciano Giromini (I), Donald Viglione (USA), & Patricia Landis (USA)
Cross-cultural adaptations and applications of the Inventory of Problems (IOP)

17:20 h 


Chair: Harald Merckelbach (NL)

Yvonne Bollag (asim)

Christian Jäggi (schadenanwaelte)

Gerhard Ebner (Rehakllinik Bellikon)

Hans-Jakob Mosimann (Sozialversicherungsgericht Zürich)

Kevin J. Bianchini 

Thomas Merten

Siegfried L. Sporer

Gerald Young

18:20 h

Closing Remarks / Fare Well


08:20 h

Registration Workshop

08:40 h

Post-Conference Workshop

Begutachtung von Patienten mit chronischen Schmerzen

Ralf Dohrenbusch (D)

Language: German

13:00 h

End of Workshop